Annual Report 2015


Report 2015


7. About the Sustainability Reporting


Since 2008, MOL Group has been reporting its financial, governance, environmental and social performance in one integrated report. Starting in 2013, sustainability performance information has also been included in quarterly management reports. We are continuously deepening the Triple-Bottom-Line approach to corporate management with activities that further improve the integration of financial and non-financial management. The disclosure about the management approaches in the Notes on Sustainability Performance section attest to these strategic activities.

Key achievements, challenges, performance data and trends relating to relevant sustainability topics for MOL Group are described throughout the report and are integrated into the descriptions of business operations and performance. A detailed account about 2015 sustainability performance is provided in the dedicated sections: Sustainability Performance and Notes on Sustainability Performance.

The main target audiences of the Annual Report are shareholders, investors and sustainability analysts. The structure of the chapters is tailored to meeting their information needs and reading habits. However, further information about MOL Group’s policies, management approaches and other sustainability-related topics for all audiences is published on our website at sustainability.

All sustainability performance data published in this report have been reviewed by EY. Each year, this assurance process is planned and performed according to the International Federation of Accountants’ ISAE3000 standard. Within this framework EY reviews all data under a limited scope of assurance, and for CO2 under ETS and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates under a reasonable assurance scope. Since 2014, the assurance of sustainability performance has also been audited in accordance with the AA1000AS standard in order to strengthen our materiality process.

MOL Group follows the latest G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely used sustainability reporting standard globally. The Annual Report’s GRI accordance level is ‘comprehensive’, which means we are reporting on all indicators related to material aspects that have been identified (see more below under Materiality Assessment). A content index for the indicators which have been reported on is uploaded to the following website: global-reporting-initiative-and-united-nations-global-compact-compliance-table.

In addition, we use the GRI G4 ‘Oil and Gas Sector Disclosures’ guidelines and the IPIECA-API ‘Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting’ protocol when defining the content of the report and selecting which indicators to cover.